50 claps for you. I know exactly what you are saying. I live in a city of tech haves and tech have-nots. I feel like I’m announcing myself at a 12-step program when I’m in a room full of people earning tons more than I am [in first jobs!], and I say I’m a relational database developer.

Who are the folks I meet? The folks with Masters or PhDs in something specific, or who have the liberty [possibly living with parents or independently wealthy] to focus solely on learning machine learning, data science, DevOps, or the myriad new tools and languages which are being listed as requirements on job descriptions.

I’m exhausting myself trying to bridge the divide, and I’m a software engineer with computer science as my degree and 18 years of experience of best practices in full-lifecycle development [agile, waterfall], business analysis, project leadership, team leadership, and generally knowing the ins and outs of how to adapt quickly to new environments and sort out how to solve their problems quickly. That’s me, and I’m still feeling pessimistic about keeping a job for 20 more years without my work being automated away.

Thanks for being brave enough to write about this.

I have a piece coming out on the topic entitled: “I am tech debt”.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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