A few things:

  1. I doubt anyone grows up wanting to be a bureaucrat.
  2. That honor is probably conferred on them when they realize Uber doesn’t earn much [$3–4 per hour] and other employers are so hard to work for and for such a low wage that a bureaucrat’s job is a dream job to make money to pay for a family.
  3. So what you want is the death of bureaucracy, not bureaucrats.
  4. I hope.
  5. Further, can we please create a culture which would make decent, living-wage jobs for the bureaucrats displaced by blockchain?
  6. I know you’re all in on blockchain, but how about actual humans?
  7. It isn’t as sexy to say: blockchain is going to disrupt major employers — let’s figure out how to help the unemployed find meaningful jobs.
  8. The same goes for every AI, Machine Learning, Etc. wet dream article about disrupting employment.
  9. Okay, so I’d like to see car dealerships go. Anyone who chooses to be a car dealer, in my mind, has some social problems which are only helped by encouraging them to find more humbling employment.
  10. I take that back. Let’s find them good jobs, too, just ones which don’t injure innocent people, and let’s wipe that sector out completely.
  11. People of privilege and shareholders love to cut costs in employment. Working-class people fear it. I wonder why?
  12. Why are most of the people of privilege white Americans?

Just asserting my 2 cents.

Won’t be much of a happy world to live in with so many people jobless.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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