In addtion, I work for a firm which advertises on its investors page [and I’m changing it a little for anonymity]:

a strong moat and revenues exceeding $880 million

Then, to us, the employees: because we didn’t meet our targets you will receive a fraction of your yearly bonus and salary increases.

A touted $2k bonus became, for me, $250 and that was because, as they said in their email, the decided to increase the 20% of the target we “earned” to 30% because we tried so hard. I have yet to see what my salary increase #s are, but I would be surprised if they reach 2%.

As a shareholder of various firms, I know decreased revenues mean the stock loses value. However, for an employee, it is impossible to understand how a firm making over $880 million can reward its hard working employees in such a paltry fashion.

Wouldn’t we do even better as employees, thereby helping shareholders, if the company rewarded folks so we’d be our best selves [going to work without resentment] to make the company grow and to work for that firm?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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