Aziz Ansari is a public figure who has based his very public reputation on being a good guy. Unfortunately for him, it is critical to the narrative to expose when a very public reputation of being a good guy is a fig leaf for being a pushy creep who tries to force sex on a woman time and time again on the first date when he doesn’t even know the woman and when it would be clear to me or any of my friends that she is the opposite of wanting sex. C’mon: there’s saying no, and then there’s acting no. A guy can be forgiven for missing the cues of acting no or maybe hoping he’s wrong with those cues a couple of times [without a verbal no], but Aziz Ansari went far past that. Also, nobody should leave your apartment crying over a sexual episode. If that’s how it goes down, you shed your public good guy narrative, or you have it shed for you by, and you learn to be careful around women, letting real good guys take the stage for that role instead of you. I’m sure there are a lot of aspiring good guy actors who don’t act all rapey with a first date who would love a shot at the roles you’ve been given with your privileged life, Aziz Ansari.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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