Ben got a noble upbringing. Rey was birthed as a foil to him, according to TLJ, from scoundrels.

Yes, it is good to give value to the little people of the universe, not just make this a story about noble blood, but it does so at the cost of putting Rey in the pantheon of heroes with heroic birth.

I see what the author is doing here, and I agree. It’s like deciding to go colorblind once all the privilege is in the hands of white people. Yeah, good move: but don’t oppressed people deserve noble stories, too?

Also: pivoting the movie on Kylo’s every move reinforces the noble birth preference, if by making him an appealing bad guy or a potential anti-hero.

So it doesn’t really do much good at the democratizing it purports to do.

Rian Johnson is on par with Prequel Lucas on writing.

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