Brilliant piece.

The funny thing is the expectation that people level-up in appearance and action… but not too much! Disturb the white male cis-het patriarchy too much (of which I am one) and you get labeled uppity … and therefore threatening!

As a probably non-neurotypical white cis-het white guy from a low income family background, I see it when I apply for a job too socially escalated from my birth role: the whites overprotective of their fragile status shut me out for superficial reasons (my long hair? My suit with obvious patches in the knees? My aw shucks! Humility? My lack of Ivy League polish?). Anyway I know every time I get shut out that I hate what my intellectual equals with darker skins experience. They have it much worse.

Maybe I should buy a better suit!

Resident of Frogpondia.

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