Cartoon 1: Trump is signalling the death of truth and the rule of law. Cartoon mocks wrong. This is right to do. Anyone who believes Trump does much else but lie and disrespect the agencies sworn to protect our laws is wrong.

Cartoon 2: Cartoonist makes dark fun of how the NFL protest movement is attacked by Trump. Score one for right by the cartoonist, and one for wrong by Trump.

Cartoon 3: Cartoonist points out the wrong the NFL is doing. Cartoonist is right.

Cartoon 4: Cartoonist mocks Roseanne and the KKK. Neither Roseanne’s Ambien excuse, nor the KKK, are right.

Cartoon 5: Cartoonist satirizes some of America’s darkest days recently, a WH policy of separating kids as young as toddlers from their parents and caging the kids. This was wrong.

Cartoon 6: Trump’s use of pardons is wrong.

Cartoon 7: Our President is a bigoted, childish buffoon. Cartoonist is right. History will ceaselessly attack Trump as wrong.

Cartoon 8: Cartoonist makes fun of Trump’s deep state conspiracy theories. Cartoonist is right to do it. Trump is just plain wrong, so wrong he’s in whackadoodle territory.

Cartoon 9: Cartoonist makes fun of Trump lying about the Stormy Daniels affair.Once again, Cartoonist is right, and Trump was lying [wrong].

Cartoon 10: Cartoonist makes fun of Trump’s use of the term witch hunt. Cartoonist is right. Trump is wrong.

I’m a progressive, and I find you a buffoon, Austin. Not just because you can’t tell right from wrong in the subjects of these cartoons, but because you deflected from the cartoons themselves to attack progressives.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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