Christian, thanks.

Your company does seem to be understanding of the issue.

You and I do take time with curiosity and intensity to explore extracurricular efforts to keep up to date.

I am not married, no kids, and it puts a strain between me and my girlfriend and me and my other friends, even health.

While I appreciate and embrace grit, the reality, one I didn’t explore here, is that keeping up can mean sacrificing health and relationships — and that’s for me, someone with a programming background. The folks who are going to lose their jobs to automation aren’t even positioned as well as I am, and I’m struggling to learn and defend [in interviews] my advances in knowledge needed to keep me competitive.

I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying, and I truly appreciate your feedback. You and the company you work for seem enlightened.

I’m just adding the sadness I feel reflecting on what is happening and will happen to many people going forward unless more companies step in to understand and work with employees on developing the labor force, even if it means budgeting time if not monetary costs for that activity. In 1999 and 2000, companies were sending me to remote locations for comprehensive training. Much of that can be done via decent online learning, but the online learning I’ve encountered in employers which tout it is a joke. There’s good online learning, and then there’s truly awful online learning. Companies should know the difference and, if they’re not hiring in person training, should at least pony up for good online learning.

It is a difficult problem unless companies understand the importance of developing the work force rather than eroding it and hoping for the best.

Thanks again!

Resident of Frogpondia.

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