So many people believe our working poor are that way because they are not wishing hard enough, working hard enough, trying hard enough, etc.

This is bullsh-t and needs to be called out.

Our working poor face terrible bureaucracies, terrible choices with the cliff effect, terrible choices relating to how to passively increase wealth in a system which favors casino-style stock-market risk over savings accounts, terrible biases, terrible costs of living, etc.

You assume a woman with a kid working two jobs like fast food and grocery store jobs has made bad choices. Why? You expose the sickness of our thoughts around the working poor. Maybe she and her husband were trying to work their way out of growing up in poor families, had a kid, and then her husband DIED. What do you think about that, you privileged Osric [Hamlet]?

Or got divorced? You think the high divorce rate is a bad choice for working poor women but not their middle-class equivalents?

Sheesh, you need to empathize with actual people.

I’m not terrible to tell her she shouldn’t feel bad she can’t be a millionaire [like the author of this piece claims] in five years just through extra hustle and wishing upon a star.

The author is terrible.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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