Excellent piece. Thank you for your bravery. You and your ally/friend are amazing.

I hope the Handsome Teacher immediately stopped having student parties at his house.

There is a power dynamic between teacher and student which does not allow for adequate consent, in my humble opinion.

Even if the Handsome Teacher didn’t ever have sex with students, he had a fiend for a roommate, and you were probably not the predator’s first victim. Handsome Teacher was not an ally. Handsome Teacher deserved to get in trouble. Handsome Teacher was creating Camille Paglia’s “fraternity party”, aka “Testosterone Flats, full of prickly cacti and blazing guns.” Even if you think underage drinking laws are ridiculous, Handsome Teacher was breaking the law, and he was putting his students in the lair of the fiend, disabled by strong liquor drinks. After all, shouldn’t it be safe at Handsome Teacher’s party, even if drunk? Shouldn’t it?

No victim should be blamed for getting “dead drunk at a fraternity party”, but Handsome teacher should be blamed for creating a petri dish with his students, lopsided power imbalances, a sexual predator, and alcohol.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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