Excellent post. Back when some Senators helped derail repeal and replace, some of my mealy-mouthed Democrat friends wanted literally to send them thank you notes and try to help them get support — they wanted to hold a cross party lines picnic [literally] and have tea partiers mingle with boardroom democrats hoping the boardroom would rub off on the tea partiers. Some union democrats left the group at that point, digusted. I also left. I don’t think you win points by trying to accommodate those who are not accommodating.

Those senators: McCain, Alaska, and Maine? They just derailed the ACA.

I think you win points with the apirational republicans from bad backgrounds by showing them how the policies of those they voted for hurt them and their families. Then you show them what works.

HRC and the DNC gave Trump the American people on a platter when they catered to boardroom and wall street Democrat donors, not the interests of the small donor working class.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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