Followup: the day after the boss called an emergency meeting to scold developers for trying to work with QA, the very testing mole who escalated the interaction overwrote the UAT database for data including other teams.

As a result not only our testing team, but anyone who wants to do database transactions in UAT, needs to get special approval before trying.

  1. I warned the testing team not to use the database approach. They had forms which they could get access to for their testing, but they wanted to do direct database DML to perform their testing.
  2. Had I been involved in test scripting, this wouldn’t have happened. Even a basic-level developer could have spotted the error in the tester’s DML.
  3. I wish the team would take ownership of the issue and change their approach based on this major black eye, but they haven’t.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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