Good article.

I sympathize with women in places with a HR team, and especially in situations without a HR team.

#metoo’s cruel irony is if it is used to Pence-ify the workplace and thus give preferential treatment to dudes.

Treating men and women differently about socializing and meeting should be a HR violation, whether it is going to far in sexual stuff or being too guarded.

It’s pretty easy for people afraid of being blamed. Keep an open door when meeting with everyone. Only close it if you trust the person implicitly.

If you invite one person to socialize after work, invite a group. If it involves alcohol, special care should be taken for people to socialize together and for there to be no tolerance of inappropriate comments.

Gender shouldn’t be a factor in these decisions if a person is professional.

Those folks who have a problem with this should not be in leadership positions.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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