Good piece.

Trump is the latest culmination of untold decades of folks working to undermine faith in the judicial, in the scientific, in the academic, in the journalistic, in anything which questions their worldview or their candidate.

Even as he installs post-truth judicial, scientific, and academic figureheads — even as our papers of record compete to get the most ignorant white dude conservative journalists published in order to demonstrate “the most open mindedness”, the folks who support Trump are whittling away at our ability to discern fact from alternative fact. It parallels deepfake and other advancements in technology which also undermine our ability to differentiate real from not real.

For a bunch of folks who used to decry a straw-man image of postmodernism [one which they claimed said everything was true — which is not actual postmodernism] — they installed the exact opposite: in which everything is false except for the charismatic, the evangelical, the popular, the wealthy.

The consequences are that neo-feudalism and other forms of abuse go without solid footing for scrutiny.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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