Good piece.

I think automation can take many forms.

While AI and machine learning are one form, other forms include but are not limited to:

code libraries on the cloud [think apps] which reduce the amount of software engineering needed

more visual programming interfaces [think’s configurable application] which requires no lines of code to configure an application to do things which used to take developers

These toolsets threaten software engineering jobs more than [at least in the foreseeable future] AI and ML, though when AI and Ml build the toolsets, maintain them, and even use them — that will be a different leg for losing human jobs

Lots of human jobs are being made mechanically easy to do based on the great tools [DevOps and others] engineers are making.

It is a good thing, but it is also important for us as humans to remember to take care of everyone as we increase automated productivity — not just reward the last people with jobs — but use the productivity gains to give a basic income to all, shorten the work week, focus on health and community as a species.

Please always watch out for people who want to own too much. They are the opponents of this future we all could have.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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