Great article.

I’m old school: my social accounts include Facebook and LinkedIn.

My Seeking Alpha account was becoming more of a social account than an investing account, so I adjusted how I used it.

A long time ago, now that I can’t easily influence elections, I zapped my use of Facebook.

LinkedIn is just for adding contacts and, eventually, calling on them when I need a job — congratulating them on accomplishments, and praising their skills when I note them.

You know what? I have lots of time now to take care of my life, to learn new things, to enjoy things which are not deliberately habit forming.

It’s not a solution to all my problems, but it gives me time to find that solution. If I had my way, Facebook would easily allow users to delete their accounts [it doesn’t, which is evil]. And Facebook would allow a clock to tell users how long they’ve been using the site. It doesn’t, much like casinos don’t.


Resident of Frogpondia.

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