Great article Thanks! I live in one of these buildings. I can’t control the loud steam heat in my washer/dryerless apartment. The heat makes a series of sounds [clang! clang! clang! clang! gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle] all day and night when it comes on based on a thermostat outside of the complex, a one size-fits-all thermostat which triggers steam heat to pump through the complex’s pipes. My apartment gets and stays,for long time periods, well above the health dept.’s code for apartment temps.

So I turn my bathroom into a dryer. I drape laundry over towel rods, over the shower curtain rod, and over the sink and close the door. An hour later? I remove stuff which is dry.

Glad you posted this. This is good advice for lots of people. I probably should do it rather than using the complex’s washing machines [$1.75 per load].

Resident of Frogpondia.

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