Great work at expressing what I feel about The Last Jedi.

Yeah, I liked the cynical war-profiteering message, but I believe it could have been done in less of a ham-handed way. I also would skip words like “sacrilege” or “blasphemy”, which folks who don’t think like we do about this movie will use against you to say you’re a “fanboy” who can’t think straight, but in every case you and I agree about the movie — and you hit almost all of them, except for Leia’s Mary Poppins scene and some other complaints I had — it is all about narrative failure, inconsistency, disrupting expectations to no significant end.

Some people want Rey to be common born, which is fine, but that retcons her development in The Force Awakens, like one film later. It also could have been handled better, if this was the route the filmmakers were going to go.

Rian Johnson didn’t fail Star Wars fanboys; he failed folks interested in character and narrative.

Thanks for contributing your voice.

In addition, I’d also like to highlight that neither you nor I are disappointed over more skin-color or gender diversity. Heck, I like it. I just don’t like the failure of narrative development and consistency which seems inexcusable here. I’m all for new concepts and approaches, but, Rian Johnson, you can do it while being consistent and believable with the source material you’re building on — believe it or not.

I don’t think Rian Johnson cared enough, just enough for the fat paycheck.

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