Ha ha. Great satire.

I believe director Rian Johnson needs to be banished to the outer rim, but not for continuing the tradition of casting women and people of color in the Star Wars films. He’s a hack, and his attempt at breaking expectations was ham-handed and like what a teenager might do.

Now: to serious matters —

as for culture in Star Wars:

It is a statement that A New Hope uses English as its primary language for a galaxy far, far away, a long time ago: we humans only made English after a long and complicated process on Earth, involving lots of cultural intermingling which I doubt Tatooine saw.

So right from the start — we assume Earth culture is being used in Star Wars to make it relatable. Otherwise Luke would be speaking some Tatooine language and nobody in the films would speak English.

While I do think some other cultural artifacts from Earth which appear in Star Wars compromise suspension of disbelief for me, suspension of disbelief should be suspended right from the first lines of dialogue with Luke in A New Hope. These can be very good films, especially Rogue One, but they also need to have any cultural criticism [why is this or that in the film?] applied evenly.

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