Hello Caitlin,

45 has a history of promoting himself using a created alter-ego: “John Barron” (or “John Baron”) and “John Miller”.

There is really strong evidence that as he tries to remove antagonistic voices from his Twitter feed, he — or his team — is using Twitter bots to support his comments.

This is not paranoia.

I’m not sure what you consider the mainstream Russiagate story is?

It is clear the Trump administration, and family, and possibly Trump himself, were in bed, metaphorically or literally, with a foreign power hostile to us — this foreign power was trying to influence our election, and Trump and crew were trying to get their help. Trump & co. were not elected officials trying to defend Democracy from citizens collaborating with a hostile foreign power: they were the citizens collaborating with a hostile foreign power.

Combine the two: citizens working with a hostile foreign power to influence the election + the leader of the free world being a crazed individual who influences the media in petty ways by using an alter ego and a horde of social media bots, and I certainly am afraid of the nuclear brinksmanship going on.

I’d be much less concerned if we had a stable leader with a disposition and intellect equal to the nuclear challenges facing us.

I agree that citizens should wake up to the risks of warfare ahead.

Let’s get rid of the nutcase on our shore and start cleaning house so we have a team able to handle the foreign powers [and the nutcases who run them] who are opposed to us or threaten our safety and sovereignty: Russia, North Korea, etc.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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