Here’s another reason: cost of moving.

My dad could work for the same firm for most of his career and feel reasonably comfortable living in the same place his entire life.

I cannot.

While I am not among the ballooning student loan generation, rents are skyrocketing for me, and I need to keep nimble.

As jobs become more virtual and shorter lived [capable of being done from home or from locations here and there around the country], it makes sense to move based on where work is and/or where you want to live with reasonable cost of living when working remotely.

All this moving makes owning more than Goodwill furniture silly.

In addition, relics of a time gone by [extensive cd collections, video collections, photographs, and [sigh] even books] are going into the cloud, making moving easier.

Owning stuff doesn’t make sense, and it is not environmentally-friendly.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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