I’m all about diversity in the Star Wars universe, even shaking up the narrative to have more nuanced characters.

However, several points of the narrative seemed unearned, as you quote: Leia using the force to escape certain death, for example. Luke’s terrible caricature of a characterization, and the weird discordant back-story involving Luke and Kylo. The island Luke was on harkened back to Lucas’s horrible days of overloading scenes with crappy special effects and hoping it would substitute for storytelling. Kylo’s improbable ability to kill Snoke with a cheap shot, then be faked out by Luke’s holograph. It seemed like a grade-schooler wrote the plot with a bunch of “and then what if…” type things without considering how it fit in the narrative set up by The Force Awakens or by even its own sense of the overall Star Wars mythology.

I bought a ticket to escape the prequel, and to see what a 2017 film could do with 1970s movie heritage.

It failed, mostly based on screenplay.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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