Sorry if I sounded cranky. Your article was a positive way to react to problems in the market. It was precisely because of thinking like this that I decided to embark on a mission to transform my narrative as older database developer with team lead experience into best practices person, project manager, and cross-geography team lead [waterfall and agile] who has focused on database development but who is learning [kotlin, python, node.js, etc. in his spare time]. I wish I had read this article you wrote years ago.

I do believe there is a skills gap that companies need to be very proactive to overcome, not just rely on recent graduates who don’t come equipped with best business practices — and not promote the tech person to be a manager because they want to manage, but promote folks with management skills and thinking to be managers.

I terms of ageism, racism, sexism, etc. — I have been fortunate enough to have been born a white cis-gendered vanilla male. I didn’t deliberately capitalize on it, but it has definitely given me a lot of privilege throughout my life. I would have preferred others have better exposure to market skills at an early age — and equal perceptions in the work place. Not, like some of my better-skilled female workers, encounter comments when their underwear showed by less-skilled male colleagues.

Coming from the integrated south, and living in the north now, I miss seeing more people of color in the workplace [who aren’t Asian — they’re great, but diversity to me would include Latinx and African-American colleagues]. I wish they weren’t underrepresented in the teams I work in, or in the meetups I attend. This is a problem America should be addressing now, and should have begun at its inception, centuries ago.

I’ll take you up on writing you a DM on Twitter. Thanks for your gracious response.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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