Hi Rob.

Lazy writing? You want Solnit to prove that any other reasonable person would be offended under the same circumstances?

Not sure what you’re getting at.

Ask me how many male writers in the canon I’ve wanted to summon in a seance to say: geez, care to do a rewrite? I’m just not getting the universality of your experience. You need to prove to me what you are saying actually happened the way you claim it did.

I think you’re onto a new school of literary criticism. The “provide me video evidence and testimony from all involved” school of literary criticism.

I like it. Let’s begin with James Frey and work our way through Walter Duranty, Brian Williams, Faukner, Hemingway, Bill O’Reilly, Jayson Blair, Mike Tobin, Sean Hannity, Jonathan Karl, Stephen Glass, Michael Finkel, Ken Dilanian, Ed Schultz, Bob Woodward, Steve Doocy…

Could keep going here.

I think Solnit was reflecting her experience. That’s good enough for me. I don’t think it was a lie or even an exaggeration: the same kind of person who would try to argue with an expert on a topic [Solnit] using her own book as a source would sneer, wouldn’t he?

Still not sure what you’re on about here.

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