I dated a woman from Pennsylvania. I was from rural South Carolina. Not far into the relationship, I went to visit her family in Pennsylvania. We were all white liberals. My parents were poor teachers who barely scraped by during my childhood. Her dad was a high earning manager at an accounting firm for high wealth individuals and companies. Her mom was an art therapist.

We were in the kitchen making food either on Christmas eve or Christmas, and her mom said to me:

“You know, all us in the North think you from the South are just hicks burning crosses with the rebel flag on your car windows.”

I think I said that it’s a shame Northerners like her are such bigots.

Christmas dinner was lovely.

It has taken a long time to realize that my integrated childhood with people of color in rural South Carolina didn’t disqualify me from examining my privilege and my prejudices.

Her type of bigotry shielded her from self-examination, and her lack of integration with either of two of many The Others [Southerners or people of color] clearly comforted her that she was safe in that lack of self-examination.

Now, it is 2017, and boardroom Democrats unable to side with progressives robbed the election from progressives, gave it to Trump.

Being wealthy and elite, they don’t have the sacrifices the rest of us do in a Trump administration.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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