I didn’t think “cat person” was particularly well-written.

However, the discussion sparking from it hinges well off of the critical #MeToo movement.

It is as though someone hastily wrote a piece illustrating how consent can be consent and yet also reluctant consent: something I as a cishet white male have encountered, but am convinced that women encounter more frequently as a group than cishet men. The more reluctant the consent, the sketchier it becomes. A single “no” or factors such as “I’m only doing this because this very important man is doing this to me”, especially a boss or a professional colleague who can provide/withhold professional favors, makes it rape.

Glad we’re having the discussion.

Wish the people out there who misunderstood consent, or the power dynamics which make consent more complicated than just a binary “yes/no”, could understand this without a pantomime like “cat person”.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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