I don’t do name-calling. That’s Svetlana.

See: “control over the narrative” means that the voters buy into it. That’s literally what it means. It means the narrative which voters use when voting is pwned by someone, say the billionaire oligarch class — kind of like what they have in Russia. The narrative was pwned by the oligarchs, and people bought into it.

You and others did.

How much is that estate tax cut going to benefit you? The one for heirs who inherit more than 5mm dollars?

It’s going to skyrocket the debt, reminding the nation that the GOP is the party of fiscal irresponsibility — with an added bonus of shining the shoes of their 1% masters, not the working people, as it adds a trillion to the debt.

But I guess when you bought into the narrative that they controlled, you also bought into how that’s a good thing, right? You are practically doing the bidding of the 1% masters. They don’t create jobs when they invest their money in treasuries. This isn’t a jobs creation bill. You want that, you need a progressive President who cares about working class people.

It’s only bad if the debt increases because it helps working people, right?

I’m supposed to take it that it is good when we endure this humiliation of a president, making an incoherent spectacle on the national stage, so he and other billionaires can give their kids money for no work with no taxes.

Bunch of freeloading inheritors — getting inheritance money for no work, and paying no taxes on it — while the roads, the police, the military, and the schools are paid for by working class tax dollars.

Is that the narrative which you bought?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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