I like where you’re going with this.

I was at a talk about redlining [for those who don’t know: prohibiting people of color from moving into certain neighborhoods or owning homes, thereby limiting their ability to grow their wealth through an equity-building home asset].

It talked about explicit and implicit results of laws and rules.

Even if the implicit result was redlining, the law or rule was called into question and could be removed.

Yes, I believe big corporations are increasingly leveraging their heft to control discourse on the internet, and they are working with the government [governments].

Not sure I follow your narrative enough to see if we agree on who the oligarchs are, but I like your Dempublicans term — as a Progressive, I feel left out. Trump was a WWF guy, you know? So he is the establishment, too. An oligarch. Despite all the flailings about in social media and the hurrahs! from the people fighting the swamp, Trump was elected, and he’s got a new swamp in DC, worse than the old one. He put Ajit Pai in place.

Let’s consider some cases:

  1. You go into Costco and there are people talking loudly, with T-shirts, as a group about how the Holocaust didn’t occur. Would the manager have a good reason to throw these people out? So does Facebook. Might not be pretty when your or my viewpoint is the one targeted, but it can be defended as good for business, even as I know there is a nefarious element about it which allows for [and includes] suppression of voices which would heal our democracy.
  2. Verizon [for which Pai was an attorney prior to his role now in our revolving door system] wants to control internet traffic and sell companies pipelines based on their ability to pay. This is just business, and while it opens the door for [and definitely includes] crushing the little guy for political reasons [because Verizon is in bed with Dempublicans], it is good business. Just like if I were allowing entrance to a Vaudeville show where people tipped performers, and I allowed CNN in because they paid me a lot of money, but I didn’t allow USFREEDOMTODAYDAMMIT.COM in because they couldn’t pay a lot. Also, USFREEDOMTODAYDAMMIT.COM is telling the audience that the US military is aiding militants, just like the Russian Ministry of Defense did, attempting to pass off images from a video game as ‘proof’.

How to solve it? Support good journalism. The kind which is proven true and which supports its work with extensive research and backing up its writing with all the editorial tools at our modern world’s disposal, not some crap site making claims with no proof, no cross-referenced sources, and easily debunked lies. We all need to be paying for journalism, not getting it off of seedy sites or making the news desk at CNN infotainment because real news causes people to turn off the broadcast.

There’s no shortcut.

What 2016 showed America is that there are a lot of gullible people out there. Combining corporate interests in charging vendors more and keeping customers in the store longer with government interest in keeping the swamp in place [yes, still a Progressive, not a Trump supporter at all] is bad. The bandages in place to keep out USFREEDOMTODAYDAMMIT.COM [totally made up, but you know the sites] from spreading disinformation or misinformation [know the difference!] is a clumsy and easily abused attempt.

But the power is up to us as consumers to buy, literally with cash and metaphorically “buy” [as in, believe], the well-researched stuff, no matter how deep in the state it comes from.

True patriots stand up to oligarchs by speaking truth to power, even, or perhaps especially, when they are government officials.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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