I like your article, and, while I largely hate the moviegoing experience, I’d love for it to be fixed.

Here’s why: while it is cool to make movies for different screen sizes, movies made for large screens are a completely different experience than movies either made for or enjoyable on small screens. Pan and Scan is impossible compared to widescreen, and widescreen on most configurations of flat-screen TV or monitor is incomparably lacking compared to seeing it on a large screen. Film, I’m sorry, beats digital for me, like puppet Yoda versus CGI Yoda. Most people don’t have 35mm projectors in their houses, and, sadly, an increasing # of cinemas also don’t have it. So the erosion of cinema by in-home viewings gets rid of the # of options we have, some of them kind of beautiful.

Yet, I’m one of the people who only really goes to movies for special-effects laden films [Blade Runner 2049, and I wish I had made it for Loving Vincent].


Most cinemas don’t police their audiences well enough for the following behaviors:

cell phone use [even texting, or internet usage]


The living-rooming of the movie experience has brought the living room increasingly into the movie theater, which sucks. I really don’t care to hear what you think the protagonist should do at any given point in the film, or hear the elaborate backstory on a part of the movie while the movie is going on from the person behind me. I don’t care if grandma wants to check her phone incessantly when she gets bored with the movie, its glare disturbs my viewing. I’m paying for my viewing, and it should not be interrupted by this behavior.

I’d watch more films if theaters would do more about this.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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