I love open source when I download an especially helpful package — for free!

However, there is a nagging fear that accompanies it.

Are we building an economy in which to get a good job you need to have time to build open source for your portfolio [if not a library, at least a free git repository of goodies]? In which an expectation of building code is that you give it away for free? As much as I hate admitting I have participated in that with my downloads, that favors the privileged and oppresses the poor.

There are a lot of developers who need a paycheck for the hours they put into developing helpful tools. These are also the folks in the working classes who most need an aspirational job related to what they are so passionate about.

The free intern program is often a way of saying, “Sons and daughters of poor people need not apply.”

If we use open source the same way, we are saying that about an industry.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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