I think it’s important to separate the work from the horrible person behind it, and understand work can be appreciated [especially film, in which hundreds or more people routinely work on a piece] without okaying the actions of a person who contributed, even solely, to its creation.


a) I’m glad monsters who get exposed get their megaphones taken away.

b) Woody Allen and Polanksi should have had their megaphones taken away.

I hate Woody Allen. Using one’s power over a stepchild is worse than using one’s power over a subordinate at work, right? How can this not be a thing?

More controversially:

Seinfeld (1989–1998) was drivel, even when it first came out. I don’t care if it did something new and different on TV, it was still mainstream TV. It was brainrot, contributing to the shortening of the dramatic scene and leading to empty gags which cut from scene to scene with loudly shrieking people [to allow for advertisements to be loud] — like the Goldbergs and Big Bang Theory.

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