I’d like to say that stock ownership can have value [and, though I’m not going to defend it here, debt ownership, including the USD].

For stock ownership, say I am one of a million people whose purchases drive the stock of Acme Company [ABC] up in value. Acme company can then use that stock to acquire other companies, and I can vote my shares as to how Acme company will be run, and Acme company can use the increased share price to do a secondary/shelf offering to get cash for operations.

With Blockchain, the decisions are in the hands of the miners, which are likely going to be governments [China]? who can afford to mine. It makes it a fiat currency for a state, alright, just not one where the USD is a debt owed by the US and just not one where the USD is, in part, voted on every couple of years in congressional and presidential races. Who runs Bitcoin? Not the owners of Bitcoins — the miners. Who are they? And also maybe the folks who own the majority of Bitcoins — who are they? They run the show. They decide on forks. Not the people buying gambling tokens.


Once you get big firms able to short the Bitcoin, they will have an interest to do so. They also have a big mouthpiece [CNBC, Bloomberg] and hands in the government and what it does for regulation. Good luck, Bitcoin owners.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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