I’m in a similar boat. With 20 years of really niche engineering experience, I get rejected in in-person tech interviews despite having 20 years of uninterrupted professional experience which has taught me things not represented in the inevitable build Facebook for me on a whiteboard question.

I didn’t build nderground like you did, and I look forward to looking into it, but it is like my professional experience gets thrown out the window in every in-person interview I get — and then I’m judged like someone new in his or her career with games I have known about but refuse to focus on.

My time after work and on weekends is important to me. I’m not a college student. If I program, I program tools. If I blog, I blog about things important to me about the industry [and, now, increasingly skills I am teaching myself to try to be employable].

I don’t read how to crack the coding interview for fun. Companies who screen me out because I don’t read that, or any other number of ridiculous SAT prep-style guides, are screening out talent. They’re wasting the three to seven person hours of the employees who interview me in an in-person, and they’re wasting my vacation day.

What they aren’t getting is a software engineer with 20 years of experience who could help them out within a week or so, even if I don’t know their particular stack or how to rebuild Facebook in one hour on a white board.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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