“ it is important to understand that they have a full 50% chance of being right whatever they say.

I mean, the crypto market will either crash, or it won’t.

There are only two possibilities!”

No. Speculative bubbles with gambling tokens don’t work that way. The problem with a speculative bubble made of gambling tokens is that you can’t assess a value to the token with fundamentals, so you cannot determine [outside of sentiment and the decision-making of mysterious, unknown miners] what will happen to the price of the token.

This token is not an equity: it does not have a company whose value it represents.

This token is not a debt: it does not pay a coupon or have a repayment date. No firm or person or organization owes you a value based on your purchase.

This token is not a currency: it is not used transactionally.

This is just one problem with the article.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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