You don’t know how democracy works.

People “person-up” in a democracy, when they protest policies they oppose.

America looks silly when Trump says Nambia is a country, when Trump insists he has an original Renoir, when Trump has fake Time covers with him on it in his resorts, when Trump falsely claims Time considered him for 2017 person of the year and Time has to clear things up, when Trump’s administration folks are falling under a successful Mueller investigation because they were lying under oath and because their antics were so clueless/poorly conceived… America looks silly when Trump does pretty much anything.

America looks silly when people don’t protest in large numbers things they oppose and seek strength from one another in a democracy.

Check out this video from Vox on antifa. You are wrong about them. Anyway, for there to be an antifa, there needs to be a fa. You didn’t see much of antifa before the Neo-Nazis came out with their tiki torches and matching khakis shouting anti-Jewish things and running over a protester, shooting a gun into a crowd of protesters. I mean antifa started getting angry when it looked like the neo-Nazis were feeling justified in their sick stuff by the election of a clueless bigot, but you just don’t see antifa in any form during the Obama presidency, did you? It really takes racist, neo-Nazi bigots to provoke antifa in any form. And they are a small minority of the rest of us, protesters who say America is not about neo-Nazis, our Greatest Generation fought Nazis [we didn’t say they had good people among them and equate them to the Allied powers, did we?].

The majority of protesters are not antifa. We just want the rest of the world, and people victimized by Trump and the neo-Nazis, to know that America is not neo-Nazi. That’s the majority of us, as demonstrated by the popular vote going to Hillary [and I didn’t vote for her].

I wish I could help you out more than this, but education is the responsibility of each citizen of a Democracy.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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