Look, I’m happy any time a public figure is exposed for violating the trust/vulnerability of the women or men who were around him [less so, her: mainly, teachers]. The priest scandal was refreshing to me: we can topple institutions, force them to face the facts and do a better job — because the narrative is changing. I’m on your side.

I also believe in systemic oppression of all types of people by white males, and microaggressions of other people in power. I’m on your side.

Here’s where I want more: you imply rape culture includes things such as bad medical research for women. I agree that is crappy and sexist.

I’d like a definition of rape, though, if it is to mean something more than: sexual activity perpetrated against a person without establishing valid consent [valid consent means the person can consent].

Thanks in advance.

I’m on your side. I am just afraid of rape being expanded in definition so it dilutes the impact of the word “rape” — meanwhile, takes away from the effective gut punch that is “sexism”. Having precise words for precise forms of violation, including “victim blaming”, allows us to work on them specifically related to how they manifest themselves.

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