Look, Trump is horrible. He really is. If you count his expanded usage of ICE as his brownshirts an his attempts to block Muslims from entering the country, he’s almost as bad as what we feared. In many ways, with his relentless attacks on the environment, etc. that you pointed out in another post, he’s worse.

The America deserved a candidate who had a chance against him, not a vanity candidate like HRC. I’m sick to death of her reminding me of what we could have voted for.

I didn’t vote for her. As a progressive, I was constantly attacked and shamed by “liberals” [boardroom democrats and neocon liberals] for voting third party in a solid blue state which went, predictably, for HRC. My vote did nothing, but the assaults were rabid and out of control.

We focus on Trump and his goon squad now. We have to. They are continuing the progression of the US into a feudal state.

As we do it, we need to build a party for working class people, not the DNC which was complicit in Trump’s getting elected.

Yes, the polls were rigged. Not to hurt Trump, but to make sure HRC got her vanity candidacy.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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