I’m going to quote the first two paragraphs of your response.

If you really want to have an honest discussion you have to admit that most gun related murders are done with illegally held firearms by criminals, not normal law abiding citizens.

Any new law you pass will never have any possibility of addressing the majority of fun violence because people such as yourself only desire changes that limit legal guns, not illegal gun use and ownership.

On the one hand, you claim most gun related murders are done with illegally held firearms.

On the other hand, you claim that fun violence [sic] results from an attempt to limit legal guns, not illegal gun use and ownership.

I’m confused.

Isn’t limiting legal guns by its nature limiting illegal gun use and ownership?

It is a tautology to claim that most gun murders are done by criminals. If they weren’t criminal before committing murder, they sure were after.

I think what you are ignoring is that a gun doesn’t have a safety on it to shut off when the owner, who was considered a responsible gun owner when he or she bought the gun, gave it to someone else to use, accidentally let them use it, or decided to become a criminal.

I also think you are ignoring that were we to adopt common-sense gun laws at the federal level which the majority of Americans, including Republicans, agree on, that we’d have fewer guns around to get into the hands of criminals, established or new, in an illegal fashion.

It is also painfully obvious that you are ignorant of gun violence stats from countries where gun ownership is more significantly limited than in America.

You also don’t seem to understand that statistics backs up that we shouldn’t be selling guns to men if we want to stop mass shootings, in the current American culture.

Gun law is absolutely about preventing guns, which are dangerous, from being available to people who want to murder — either want to murder when they buy the gun or want to murder years later — or who sell their guns at gun shows with no regulation to criminals of one state to use in another state.

As for the mentally ill, you must have missed this. We had a rule in place, and Trump blocked it.

Did you see the Las Vegas shooter? He wasn’t a criminal before he decided to take 50+ lives. He bought guns legally. Sensible gun laws would have prevented it, or at least flagged his behavior. A government who cared about gun violence would allow the CDC to study gun violence just like it studied other harmful products, like cigarettes.

The guy who illegally sold him armor piercing bullets has been charged.

That’s what sensible gun law would look like, just a lot more comprehensive than that.

We’d get the sellers. We’d limit gun ownership. We’d regulate it like driving a car, even more so.

The second Amendment has been criminally misread and abused.

Another school shooting today, it seems like 2018 can’t be done with them.

I doubt any of the shooters belonged to “well-regulated militias.”

Do you think they did?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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