I certainly don’t have time to address everything ignorant or misinformed with your response.

However, I will hone in on the most easy one to explain even to you. You say:

The entire Bill of rights was limiting Government and empowering the individual but you radial left types want to believe that only the 2nd amendment was limiting the individual and empowering the Government?


That is not what the 2nd Amendment is about. The 2nd Amendment was about allowing folks who participated in the radical act of liberating themselves from Britain to form “well regulated militias”. This was so they could put a check / balance on the new American government. They had muskets then. The government didn’t at that time have the kind of massive gap in firepower from the Average American that it does now. It was an affirmative amendment, which empowered individuals and limited the Government. It does not say an angry teenager should be able to buy an AR-15 for demented purposes. He is not part of a well-regulated anything. Anything well-regulated, such as if our government were, would have taken his gun from him or not allowed him to buy it.

I find it very telling you are more interested in “what a comma means in a legal document of the time” than in preventing future mass shootings at schools, where teenagers have lost their lives. The beautiful thing about our Constitution is that “what a comma means in a legal document of the time” means a lot less than how our government, which should and can adapt to the time, evolves.

As for the rest of your rant, I am sad that you didn’t get the education you deserved, and that you probably feel a lot of shame about it.

There’s still hope for you to care about innocent shooting victims more than the gun industry who profits from the menace guns pose.

Good luck.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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