We all know times when management was off

May 31 was my one year anniversary at what I had decided would be my dream job:

  • Python engineering
  • Tech team leadership/managerial oversight of a small team
  • Startup culture

This got me out of a strictly Oracle/strictly DB-developer tech-team lead pigeonhole, and it allowed me to grow in ways I wanted to grow while helping the company I’ve worked for grow — using my decades of best practices to help bring change there.

I learned a lot over the past year.

The area I’d like to focus on in this account for now is management anti-patterns.

Why anti-patterns?

For me at least, learning from cringe-worthy stories of how others messed up is fun. At the end of each article I can get to the , or the textbook lessons, from the mistake. But the article will start with something gone wrong. We all make mistakes and have misjudgments.

I find those stories very compelling.

Why management and not leadership?

Because for me management is the act of trying to lead.

A leader exercises good judgement and inspires.

A manager tries to lead, and can be more or less consistent in his or her leadership. Management, for me, is wrongly associated more with telling people what to. Too many managers see it mostly as sitting back and telling people what to do. This to me is wrong.

Leading is more about helping people decide to do what is mutually beneficial for them and the company, sharing a vision, inspiring ownership and leadership, using transparent and clear communication.

Who am I?

As someone with over two decades of leadership experience in the tech world, I still make mistakes. I have a treasure trove of anti-patterns I’ve either seen or exercised myself.

In short, I know the good stories. Don’t assume my stories are from my current place of employment. Odds are they are not.

I’m a senior data engineer experienced in Python and various SQL flavors, a process improver, a leader/manager, and someone who wants employee experiences to improve.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles which follow as much I enjoy writing them.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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