Masculinity which is defined by aggression and gun ownership [not the other kinds of masculinity]:

Bullet: its only intent is to be metal projected through the air at a high speed. If it hits a human, it will likely cause grave injury or death.

Gun: its only intent is to fire bullets. It does not have a safety which shuts it down when the owner goes from “responsible” to “mass shooter” or “domestic abuser -> suicidal/homicidal”

The 2nd Amendment: Something the Colonists put in place to ensure organized militias would be around to check government; no longer feasible, given the power differential between military weaponry beyond guns and civilian arms; the colonists did not intend that military-style guns with the capacity our modern guns have should be in the hands of dangerous men unchecked. The Colonists were all about checks and balances, as they structured their government around that.

I could continue. Interested?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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