“[My friends and I] who discuss the simulation, we’re not searching for a glitch in the code,” Friedrich says. “How is the simulation any different from any other explanation about the universe? It doesn’t make you do anything differently. You’re still stuck where you are.”

This is very important for most people to do, and I heartily endorse it, even if it is only a conclusion drawn from false reasoning: a simulation is qualitatively different than many other explanations of the universe. Turtles all the way down, anyone?

Simulation theory has existed long before our current tech explosion.

Even when the highest simulation tech humans had available was a dream, they wondered if the world could all be a dream of someone else, of them, of itself.

Take Lewis Carroll’s Red King. This is not a new thing by any means.

I kind of smirk at the notion that things which disrupt the privileged, educated expectations of white? Americans makes them wonder whose reality it is. Slaves being sold overseas had it worse, and they were truly entering an alien land.

Logically, I know that any series of events which shocks the sentiments of a privileged white dude like myself don’t prove anything about whether the world is a simulation or not.

Heck, maybe a simulation would only be obvious if it didn’t shock.

This isn’t rigorous philosophy. It is musing.

The world changes, often in ways which stink.

We do need to deal with it, as you conclude, and, while trying to figure out if it is a simulation or not [a dream, a creation of the demiurge… whatever] is not something I’d discourage, I’d want it based on more solid reasoning than some of the exemplars noted in the article.

The Earth, as we know it, is 4.5 billion years old, he reasoned. That’s enough time for a civilization to evolve to the point where they could create such a simulation.

Yeah? But the Earth, as we know it, would be in the simulation. It adds nothing to even go down this particular rabbit hole.

Some people should take the blue pill and wake up in their beds, leaving this to the experts.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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