One time, a long time ago, I got to sleep easier about the meaning to life question this way:

does cat food have meaning for being? Yes, to the cat [who is a hungry, external agent], and to me [an external agent who wants my cat to stop meowing at 6am].

The cat food does not inherently have meaning.

It has meaning to external agents.

So what about my life? What external agents do I impact? How do I impact them? Positively or negatively, I have meaning to them.

Okay, what about life on earth? Certainly we affect the cosmos in some ways [sending space junk out there].

What about our solar system? Well, humans send space junk out to external agents. Our solar system is not just human life on one planet, and it interacts with a larger system [an external agent].

What about the universe? Same thing.

What about all things known and unknown, knowable and unknowable? By definition, it does not have an external agent. So not no meaning, but asking about meaning makes no sense as there is nothing external to all things known and unknown, knowable and unknowable.

Pretty simple.

But the people asking for meaning in life, as I do occasionally, are looking for a psychological answer, not an astrophysical or a philosophical answer.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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