One time, I was meeting a hiring manager in Starbucks. I occupied one of just a few small tables, a 2-seater, in the small hotel Starbucks and felt acutely self-aware as folks searched for seats around me. Had there ever been a time I was seated at the only table with seats, I would have moved. The hiring manager was late: about 15 minutes late, and then she and I sat there — no orders whatsoever — and talked for about 25 minutes.Nobody got arrested.That’s part of what Starbucks is supposed to be about.

She left; I left. I’m white. She’s white.

This sends a chilling message to POC who want to do the same thing I do, and it absolutely sucks.

Starbucks deserves to lose their consumer base over this one.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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