“People like the people they like”

I know how to reduce what you said down to something bite-sized for you.

Now do you know what a tautology is?

BTW: I’m glad you tried, awkwardly, to walk back some of the caveman misunderstanding of evolutionary biology stuff you stumbled into like that person in the joke about how big things are in Texas who thought he was going to the bathroom and fell into a pool.

But it doesn’t help you get out of this straw man you set up.

“ What I am saying is that treating women as having equal rights, which is a good thing, does not mean that all sexual interactions between a man and a woman should be regarded as oppression or harassment. The race needs the mating game to continue, albeit with more decent behavioral standards.”

Um, yeah, that’s what modern feminism is about: no sex for anyone.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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