Question girl gets paid a bonus if she asks: “What’s decryption? Can you show me?” Which leads to mopey guy booting what looks like a DOS prompt with a lot of random numbers and explaining to the audience: “We take the messages from the bad guys which are in code like this and we turn it into”… 3 keyboard clicks…”Meet me in zee varehouse at 7pm.”

Question girl was introduced as being a hacker, but she still has to ask Mopey guy this question so he can explain it in a way to the not tech savvy audience will not really be educated about, but they will feel better about, it will make him seem smarter.

Also, he gets a bonus if his is Mopey and with a British accent, which she blushes over, even if the show is set in Peoria.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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