Steady state economy and what money represents.

Susan, thank you for informing the author of these important principles [and more].

It is greatly needed.

The aspirational American dream, rags to riches, is a good one, but it often blends into a nightmare where the people with aspirations want more than any person should own. Pols at the mercy of the 1% are only so happy to capture that mistaken leap from a healthy interest in personal growth to an unsustainable model — -if everyone who was smart [a whole lot of people] and hard working [a whole lot of people] in the world tried to become billionaires, well — they couldn’t because billionaires control the game as they acquire wealth — and 2 being a billionaire wouldn’t could for much. There are simply a mind-boggling amount of super smart people who are willing to work ridiculous hours. The imagination of people who deny this and blame people for not being 1%ers is staggeringly limited.

It also ignores the reasons so many people cannot pull a Ray Dalio and go to Harvard: redlining, systemic racism, a police state, the prison industrial complex, etc.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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