Steven, give it up. Kim and her followers don’t understand what “collusion” is, don’t even know how to identify a violation of the Emoluments clause.

You could put them in a time travel machine and stick them in Trump Tower wherein private citizens were, allegedly, working with a foreign government in order to change leadership in America. You could let them mentally follow different people around, including Page, who was actively being courted as an agent of the Russians. You could show them video of Kushner selling his influence to the Chinese. Etc. Somehow father Trump begged the Russians on video to dig up dirt about Hillary just after his team was courting the Russians behind the scenes, and they don’t understand that private citizens cannot do that on behalf of America.

Kim and her crew wouldn’t get it.

They accuse me of party over what is right, but I don’t have a party. I hated Hillary. I didn’t vote for Hillary or for Trump because both were horrible people. Yet, the folks who seem to ignore the daily flouting of the office of the Presidency [and law] want me to rise above a party I don’t have to support their candidate, who, were the shoe on the other foot, they’d suddenly see clearly for who he is: someone who needs to be removed from office.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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