I did not say an ad hominem is the same as a straw person.

I did say name calling is inappropriate in a logical discussion.

Swooning couch feminists was part of your discussion and is an insult.

While I have effectively used the term “boardroom democrats” to refer to a class of democrats with a lot of money who don’t see the anguish of the impoverished people, it is hardly an insult in our culture to associate a person with a boardroom.

It is an insult to call someone a “swooning couch” anything, if you are discussing their ability to handle rational arguments.

It is similar to the vocabulary some people use [“beta”, “cuck”, “snowflake”, “virtue signalling”, “libtard”] which is part of their argument [implicitly: only an X would say Y] and is at the same time not part of rational discourse at all.

When you enter a debate or a discourse, everything you say is part of your argument.

Are we not on the same page with this?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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