Thank you for so successfully drilling down from the macro epidemiology [which can also create bubbles, not just feudalism — essentially, I believe they are joined inextricably] down to the micro epidemiology [which looks like more dueling warlords in a country (eg. one the US demonizes )than our idealized version of capitalism].

I am also an ‘Eric’.

The project I have worked on for the past year and two months has not yielded any value at all for the company, and is an attempt to replace a functioning product with an almost completely similar functioning product, just under the control of a new warlord. Even when it works, I happen to question its overall cultural or even economic productivity. There are over 20 people who have been working on it for over a year with me.

It is vital to make the comparison, as you do, between wasted capital in bad capitalism and feudalism, including the intellectual dishonesty of certain capitalist pursuits, within a single company.

Thank you for doing it.

For example, some of my colleagues shot down an idea which would have improved productivity when they thought it would cost them some of their roles.

Let me repeat that: a clique decided a productivity enhancer would cost some of them their roles [shifting those people, most likely, to other roles] and shot it down for that reason alone.

It helps to understand context: their visas are tied to the roles.

The problem? I got to get outvoted on a proposal which would have made our project more successful [actually making it a shining badge, not a black eye with the business]. That could have _extended_ the life of the project.

And there was absolutely no proof it would have cost anyone his or her role. In fact, I think it would have created more work down the line, rather than not, had we shown progress.

In addition, a person afraid for his role ending promoted an idea which prevented one group from working directly with another — which caused more issues than it resolved — in order to try to save his role.

These and other experiences are a warlord culture stifling actual economic gains for personal, and short-term,“gains”. [Consider here a comparison with some wealthy, older folks, trading the world’s environmental future for the short-term happiness of the remainder of their own lives.]

All of this existed within the life of a project which has, again, yielded no gains whatsoever for the company and, even when the project ends, will only really accomplish moving an application from one warlord to another — a more macro level feudalistic move.

I look forward to a job where I build something of value, and I am seeking that role out now.

Thanks for bringing attention to this problem.

At an overarching level, we now see warlords uniting [Putin, Trump, Kim Jong Un, MBS] in a common effort to stifle economic discovery for personal gains.

This is continuing to usher in a world where human life and the quality of human life is meaningless unless tied directly to the wishes and benefit of the right feudal lord for that moment, a lord whose life is shorter than the life of humans on earth and who is not held accountable for his [currently almost always his, but not always] actions.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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